What do people say about us

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What do people say about us

Dan and Rhonda Rousseau

From the U.S.                                (Currently living in Helsingborg)

We go to ICF Malmo because of the spirit filled, bible based teaching, and the welcoming spirit of this church. We are very grateful we found this church and hope that we can grow and learn along with them during our stay in Sweden.

A reverend once said to me that a church is home when you're away from home. And that pretty much applied for your community of faith, as well.

It's a pitty that I found it so late. I actually come from a very traditional and strict church and your services were new to me,

but everyone and everything was so welcoming and I could feel that God was all around.

so I was very relieved when my friend Christina took me to your community and I could (maybe for the first time in Sweden)

 feel at home and pray with other people again.

You're really reaching out to people and for me it was most important to find spiritual food at that time,

(Lisa Bickelmayer, Berlin Germany)

The folk at Europaporten did mean something special to me. It was a relief to be able to study the bible and spend some time every week reflecting on what Christ had said and done. It was also good to see how other internationals were experienceing Christ in their lives - in their situations and relationships. It also taught me about a side of Sweden I would never have discovered otherwise.

Thankyou !!  (Euan Maharg, Scotland)

Daniel & Hyunee  South Korea

"ICF Malmo is a wonderful programme for those who came from foreign countries, particularly for those who would like to do a worship service in English.

This is the place where we can get the Words of God and meet the God's people. When I was trying to find a proper place for an English service soon after arriving in Malmo in 2008,

I was able to come and join the ICF Malmo.

With this programme, my spiritual life can get stronger and stronger."

We are a marriage couple from Spain (Joan Pau) and from Brazil (Cibely). We have been living for 5 years in Sweden and usually gather at a little church in Lund, where we live. Our dear friends Kasia and Derek invited us to visit you one Sunday, and that Sunday we felt so warm welcomed, that we wished to visit you more often. Every time we come, we can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and we are deeply touched by the Word of God shared.