May 4 2019 we had our first potluck in 2019.

food from Iran, Ghana, India, Sweden, Switzerland etc.

Great fun 


November 23 we had a "fall" potluck

food from Iran, Ghana, India, Sweden, Nigeria etc.

Great fun, lovely fellowship, fun game


We went to the streets of Malmo during our annual Malmo festival again this year.

We together with the Filipino and Iranian fellowship.

It was different in many ways this year.

First, the weather was not as good as last year and one day we had to cancel since it was raining too much

Second, we were not allowed to be at the festival area since the festival have to be

free from politics and religion, and that ment we had to stand outside where not so many people passes.

Third, we did not reach so many workers for the job to hand out gospel tracts

and pray for people, but we who were there had a good time.

It was great thet we had people who were able to speak Farsi. A lot of Afghan

people speak that language and we had some really interesting conversations. 

Many swedes however are not interested to know what we are doing and the once who stopped and asked went of pretty quickly.

You never know what an impact we had, we never know what happened when

these people who stopped , took some information and had a short conversation.

Now it is the job for the Holy spirit.

      Stadiongatan 25

       21762 Malmö



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