Malmo Festival

Malmo festival August 9-16 2019

The Malmo Festival - a warm, friendly and sustainable festival taken place every year since 1985. Right in the heart of the city you will experience everything from ground breaking art, music and culture to a variety of food that reflects the intercultural vibes and people of Malmo.

With 1,4 million visits every year it's the largest festival in a city environment in Scandinavia.

We, the ICF, International Christian Fellowship, are there on the streets with many of the other fellowships to hand our gospel tracts, pray for people and to tell them the truth about Jesus.

We would love to see you helping us during one oir several of evenings during the festival.

The evenings we will be at the festival is from Monday  the 12th to Thirsday the 15th.

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Please sign up and we will give you detailed information.

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      Stadiongatan 25

       21762 Malmö



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